OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait only.

OnStar plans and Wi-Fi data plans are not available in all countries. See onstararabia.com for equipped vehicles, service availability and system limitations.

What is OnStar?

Picture yourself being accompanied by a personal superhero who is equipped with an abundance of advanced technology, riding with you on all your expeditions and standing ready to act in an instant. That’s just like what OnStar services offer!

Discover the benefits

By having OnStar's benefits, you can confidently do more what you love with minimal interruption, as it provides you with comprehensive convenience both on and off the road.

10 years of Standard Connectivity

Activating your complimentary 10 years of Standard Connect§ is effortless - just press the Blue OnStar Button in your vehicle to speak with an Advisor§ or request it from your nearest dealer.

Connected Convenience

Discover an array of advanced technology and features that can revolutionize the way you utilize your vehicle. Manage your vehicle's well-being, operate it remotely, and achieve it all effortlessly from your handheld device.




On-Demand Diagnostics

Google Built In

Step up your in-vehicle experience with Google Built-In§ Compatibility, a super helpful, personalized, and seamless way to elevate your daily drive.


Google Maps

Access to



Verbally Access


Safety & Security

Our safety and security services are supported by more than 25 years of expertise and specially trained Advisors§ who are ready to help 24/7 on all your travels, ensuring that you get the help you need, when you need it.

Automatic Crash Response
Roadside Assistance

Automatic Crash


Seamless Entertainment

Take the same connectivity and entertainment that you love and enjoy at home with you on your travels, thanks to a robust built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi§ that delivers a fast and dependable experience, making it utterly seamless.

Easy Connectivity
Entertainment On-the-go

Easy Connectivity


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Activate your free 2-month trial today and begin to unlock your car in a completely new way.

What we’re proud of

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I found the OnStar features very easy to use. The Advisors were super friendly and very knowledgeable. I love the feeling of knowing that someone is there to help me when I need it!

The most important reason for OnStar is that it's there for you in the event of any accident. You will find someone to help quickly, especially if there is an injury (God forbid!) and are very friendly.

Luckily I haven't needed to use these emergency services yet, but I feel confident knowing that I have a team of customer care Advisors ready and waiting for my call no matter when I need it. Highly recommend this service!

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It keeps getting better with our full suite of features that are specifically designed to make your daily drive easier and more enjoyable.

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Meet Your A-Team

A is for Advisors§. Here are some of the people who are ready to make a big difference in your world.

Top FAQ’s

Which vehicles are equipped with OnStar?

Model Year 2021 onwards Chevrolet vehicles are equipped with OnStar. Check here for vehicle capability.

I currently have a 2020 or older vehicle, will OnStar be available for my vehicle once it is live?

For now, OnStar is not available in the existing 2020 or older generation of vehicles. Please review equipped list above. 

Does OnStar come included in the vehicle?

The vehicles listed above are equipped with the OnStar hardware during production. However, OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi plans are an opt-in service based on a subscription model and active in only certain countries.

In which countries are OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi plans available?

OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi Plans available in select countries. See onstararabia.com for details.

Will my services work if I travel around the GCC?

Your OnStar trial or subscribed plan services will work based on the availability of services in the specific OnStar Live countries. Your Wi-Fi data trial or plan is not roaming and will work only in the country for which you were onboarded.

Is OnStar localized for the region?

Absolutely. With a human touch at the very center of OnStar’s service, it is essential that the person at the end of the call understands the landscape, both from a geographical and cultural perspective. For the Middle East, this will include a regional connected contact center with fully trained advisors speaking both Arabic and English.

What happens if I am in the middle of the desert and I do not have cell service?

OnStar equipped vehicles come with a large roof antenna that’s stronger than that of a cell phone. Where the cellular network signal is weak you might still have a connection, although your cell phone does not. However, please note the OnStar antenna depends on the same kind of (cellular) network as an ordinary cell phone and as such is subject to cellular network coverage and availability. It’s not a satellite phone. Not all services are available everywhere, particularly in remote areas. See our User Terms for more details.