Always there for you

Breakdowns are never welcome, but our Regional Roadside Assistance Program will make requesting and receiving Roadside Assistance a breeze. No matter where you’re driving, Chevrolet Regional Roadside Assistance lets you travel with complete peace of mind. As part of our commitment of care to our Chevrolet family, the Chevrolet Regional Roadside Assistance Program offers 24/7 emergency assistance.


Chevrolet is proud to offer the response, security and convenience of our 24-Hour Regional Roadside Assistance Program as part of the overall Complete Care experience.


Regional coverage includes: the GCC, Lebanon & Jordan. The 4 years regional roadside assistance is applicable for vehicles purchased from September 1st 2015.


You can contact the Regional Roadside Assistance team 24/7 on +96522062975



It includes:

  1. Emergency Towing
  2. Battery Jump Starts
  3. Flat Tire Changes (Spare installed if equipped)
  4. Fuel Delivery (Up to 20 Liters)
  5. Lockout Service (Keys locked inside vehicle)
  6. Courtesy Transportation to get you home again
  7. Recovery from being stuck in sand
  8. Recovery in the event of an accident 

Get help


To make the process as fast as possible, it is helpful if you can have the following information ready for our customer service team when calling:

  1. Your name and contact phone number
  2. Vehicle registration number
  3. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  4. Vehicle model
  5. Name of the Chevrolet dealer that you purchased the vehicle from
  6. Brief description of the problem
  7. Specific location of the vehicle and nearest landmark

Safety tips


If you are in an accident or have a roadside breakdown, stay calm and follow the steps below to make sure you and others remain safe:

  1. Check for injuries. If any serious injuries are suffered, call an ambulance or the police
  2. If you are in an unsafe location and your car is able to be moved, drive it to the nearest safe location
  3. If your car cannot be driven, make sure you and other passengers are away from other traffic or remain in the vehicle
  4. Turn off the vehicle ignition and turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers. If you have a safety triangle, place it at least 5m from your vehicle
  5. Gather important information from the other driver(s) if there is more than one vehicle involved
  6. Call Chevrolet Regional Roadside Assistance for help to get your car back to the dealership or back on the road