2019 n series


The ideal truck for all needs

Chevrolet N-Series (Jumbo) is a grand family of diverse transportation trucks in terms of engine capacity and load to serve the largest number of specialties and needs, with a powerful performance designed for heavy duty service with the highest level of fuel efficiency and the lowest operation cost.

LE 355,900
Why Buy: 4960kg Max Payload


Why Buy: 5 Gear Manual Transmission


Why Buy: 3years/100km warranty


Why Buy: Lever Braking System


N-Series catalogue

There’s a lot to know about the N-Series. For a detailed overview, download the catalogue.


Designed for anything

Chevrolet's N-series trucks and utility vehicles are designed to make your business run smoothly. The N-series range fits multiple business needs and is compatible with the following up-fit options: utility/service, van body, ambulance/rescue, shuttle bus or school bus, Crane, dump etc. Chevrolet dependable vehicles are ready for the most demanding jobs, you just put them to the test!

The name is more than enough


Maintaining its place ahead of competitors and other compact passenger vans does not only go back to Chevrolet Jumbo’s continuous advancement in design and options but it is also due to its endurance through all heavy-duty tests. Its legendary power engine gives you maximum performance and its great after service guarantees you long life spare parts and therefore lower maintenance costs. Chevrolet Jumbo enjoys an attractive strong exterior, along with a spacious cabin and a weight capacity that can carry up to 2.5 to 5 tons.


The Chevrolet Jumbo N series features various models. Its engine capacity takes 2.5 to 4.5 liters and can carry up to 2.5 to 4.5 tons. Despite the different technical features depending on the model, the whole N series share the same production quality, heavy-duty endurance in extreme conditions and on all road types, low fuel consumption and of course the long durability of its spare parts.


Perhaps you have heard of the Chevrolet Jumbo 700P from the N series, which is characterized by its 4-cylinder engine, 4570 CC, 121 horsepower engine, direct diesel fuel injection, 5-speed manual transmission, power steering, adjustable steering wheel, hydraulic brakes with double acting telescopic shock absorbers, tiltable cabin for easy maintenance, in addition to basic specifications: radio CD with 2 speakers, USB,  AUX, SD, electric windows, central lock, spacious cabin and 4.5 tons weight capacity.

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