Our aim is to provide our customers with the very best cost of maintenance for their vehicles by offering cost efficiencies and the most competitive pricing. In addition to our transparent and competitive cost of scheduled maintenance we also make sure to give our customers other options; menu pricing. Below menu priced items include labor cost.

2022-2023 Groove

2022-2023 Groove

Engine Oil & Filter

JOD  48

Transmission Oil

JOD 134

Belt Set

JOD 36

Spark Plugs

JOD 28

Engine Air Filter

JOD 18

Fuel Filter

JOD 14

Cabin Air Filter

JOD 17

Brake Fluid

JOD 22

Engine Coolant

JOD 52

Front Brake Pad Set

JOD 90

Rear Brake Pad Set

JOD 87

Front Disc Rotors

JOD 152

Rear Disc Rotors

JOD 167

Wiper Blades

JOD 28

*Prices are valid as of 15 June 2020 and are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to your owner’s manual / warranty booklet for further information. Above prices are net and include Labour, Parts, Oils and Consumables. Prices above exclude any additional work performed. Scheduled Service is due at every 10,000 Kms, or 12 months or as indicated by the Oil Life Monitoring System, whichever comes first. Prices above excludes sales tax.

If vehicle is equipped with Engine Air Filter Life System, then engine air filter should be replaced when message is displayed.