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Your Chevrolet is designed and tested to provide you with years of worry-free driving. But every car needs a service from time to time to keep it in peak condition. Regular maintenance from our trained professionals, in accordance with the Maintenance Schedule, ensures that each and every Chevrolet is operating smoothly, efficiently and at its optimum performance. Your vehicle’s regular maintenance is performed at a Chevrolet dealership. This guarantees that your vehicle is repaired with genuine GM and ACDelco parts covered by a Chevrolet factory warranty. And you can assure that repairs are being performed by trained technicians who know your Chevrolet vehicle best.

This assists in identifying any irregularities before they become a problem. It is important to ensure that the critical components and safety features in your Chevrolet are operating as intended. When you take your vehicle to another, unauthorized repair shop, you may not be guaranteed that genuine GM and ACDelco parts will be used. Genuine GM and ACDelco parts are designed to ensure your vehicle’s safety, performance and durability.

The images shown here are only a general guide to the vehicle. 


The configured vehicle including selected options are subject to availability from your dealer.

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  • All prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax ("VAT") per local regulations.

  • Prices shown here are for the base trims respectively without any dealer added packages, offers, equipment or accessories.

  • Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.

  • Fuel Consumption may vary based on trim level

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